We might also know something about "China", a huge country with a population of over 1,3 billion people and 56 ethnic groups – foundations of China' s great diversity in terms of life-styles, habits and food culture (s).

Mama cooking looks at the past to trace back the true origins of Chinese food traditions,cooking methods, recipes and stories. We do not try to replicate the past, but we do try to communicate to it, as to understand the quintessence of Chinese cuisine.Respect for the past is the bottom line at Mama cooking.
We believe that food is one of the greatest means of communication,Not just food for tongues, but also food for thoughts.

From China’s classics such as 8 Great Cuisines flavors, to regional flavors,spicy encounters, sweet ones and much more.

Get to Shaanxi for a tomato flavoured experience and travel across Yunnan for great mushrooms varieties and to Hainan for its classic yellow chilli pepper heat.

Taste of Mama cooking 2.0 have been created with the aim of incubating the essences of Chinese cuisine’s traditions, cultures and tastes through a deep selection of the finest and most representative ingredients and recipes, recasting these with an innovative and international vision.

Start your quest for true international Chinese flavors now!